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Matthieu Willemont

Operations & Development

+33 6 13 25 97 84

Paul Bouchard

VR Acquisitions & Distribution

+33 6 26 62 63 00

Marc Lopato

Co-founder & Operations

Hugo Texeire

Operations & Logistics

Camille Lopato

Founder & Sales

+33 6 77 92 69 53

Jun Partington
VR Operator

Maddalena d'Alvia

Office Manager

Han Nguyen

Marketing & Communication

Agata Di Tommaso

Festivals & Sales

+33 7 66 47 83 82

Lou Leseney
VR Operator

Toyo Fujiyama
VR Operator

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Diversion cinema has been playing around with virtual reality (VR) since 2016. After opening the first VR cinema in France, the company became a technical partner of the biggest festivals in the world.

These partnerships have allowed Diversion cinema to develop its expertise. From content reception to event management, including technical support, implementation of complex installations, scenography, flow management and ticketing, the company has established itself as a key player in VR events.

In 2018, Diversion cinema opened its distribution department in order to promote immersive works internationally and foster a stronger connection with the public.

Following the creation of Ayahuasca - The Shamanic Exhibition and the creation of technical solutions such as VROO, the VR case and VR Open Booth, Diversion cinema has continued to explore solutions for the distribution of immersive works through international partnerships.

In 2022, the company launched Nu:Reality in partnership with Cassettes Stories to bring VR to traditional cinemas. The company provided VR equipment and training for partner cinemas (30 seats of 360 VR and 6DoF stations). It also curated the VR programs: “Journey beyond Belief” (2022), “Inner Journey” (2023).


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