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The Shamanic Exhibition

VR Experience 
created by Jan Kounen 
produced by Atlas V, A_bahn, Small

With the support of Film Fund Luxembourg, CNC, Pictanovo, Paris

Created & produced by: Diversion cinema

in collaboration with Jan Kounen, Asomashk - Shipibo-Konibo association, Shaman Films, Agence Clémence Farrell & Paper-Street Studio

Explore the gateways between the terrestrial universe and the realms of the mind.

Meet the millennial traditions of Shipibo-Conibo healers in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Expect to find yourself drawn in by the spirits, carried away by shamanic songs, or devoured by a giant anaconda. Prepare yourself to virtually experience the altered state of consciousness revealed by ayahuasca, the concoction of medicinal plants used in Shipibo-Conibo ritual healing ceremonies. 


Ayahuasca - The Shamanic Exhibition features different elements to learn about this ceremony with the VR experience by Jan Kounen as centerpiece. Can immersive technology approach experiences like Ayahuasca and alter our sense of reality?

Past exhibitions

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