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Local Dystopias in the Global Utopia

Germany - 2023 - 10'/21' - Fulldome

Directed by Sergey Prokofyev
Produced by Sergey Prokofyev

In a sprawling desert, a unique cinematic experience unfolds through multiple dome screens, each depicting a distinct architectural tale. Journeying through three dystopian worlds, we first explore “High Rise Cult,” a forsaken village where wooden skyscraper replicas are buoyed by balloons, symbolizing fragile hopes. Next, “The Doomed City” draws us into a city birthed in no man’s land, influenced by a painting by Nicholas Roerich. The third architectural tale is “Phygital Limbo.”. A perplexing digital environment is continuously stimulated by synthetic engines based on human emotions. Being here is akin to experiencing a conscious collective dream. This immersive film challenges perceptions, blurring the boundaries of architectural imagination and reality.

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