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🌞 A shot of Optimism from the VR community

Hi 👋

We hope all of you are OK, and somehow coping with this situation.

As an event-based company, we miss sharing our love of the Virtual Reality medium with broad audience. But our young and dynamic Virtual Reality industry has faced major challenges in the past years, and the VR community will prove once again its creativity, agility & adaptability.

Here are 5 reasons why


1.Physical events can become virtual ones 🌐 

Black Bag official selection at Tribeca Film Festival

Black Bag has been selected as part of Cinema360 selection at Tribeca Film Festival. The physical event has been cancelled, but a part of it is happening online!

Shao Qing's second VR movie has been presented  via Oculus TV until April 25. 👉 More infos here

Get Ready for the Big Heist 💰

  2. Distribution is still ongoing 🕺 

The distribution team is keeping the ball running, and is taking part in several virtual markets:

Tribeca N.O.W. Creators Market 21-22/04 Laval Virtual World & Recto VRso 22-24/04 Tribeca TFI NETWORK 27/04 - 01/05 Sheffield Doc/Fest Alternate Reality Talent Market  8-10/06 Sunny Side of the Doc Connected edition 22-25/06

Discover our VR lineup


 3. Good memories keep us together 🤝

Here is a little #throwback on Diversion cinema Showcase #3 that happened on March the 3rd👇


 4. Creativity loves time 💡

More than a year ago we tested out a peculiar cable management solution ... using balloons and helium 🎈! It took us time to get the perfect set-up, but that was such a huge achievement to see this solution in real life, right before french lockdown at Mamers-en-Mars 🤗

Looking for a taskforce to create, invent, advise & run a Virtual Reality space ? 👇 Ask for a meeting


 5. Adaptability is fun 👍 

Meet our virtual alter-egos!

We had our first virtual meetings on VRchat, to keep on connecting as a team, and we are working on building our own world, why not?


🤝 Meet Diversion cinema team VRchat, Zoom, Skype, even via phonecalls, we're here!

We wish you health, strength and optimism ✌️

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