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  • Diversion cinema

An inclusive VR programme in partnership with Groupe SOS - Culture !

From February 2023, VROO travels across France to meet new audiences within social and medico-social structures of Groupe SOS: cultural and educational centers, retirement homes, care centers working on handicap, mental health, addiction... An opportunity for their residents to discover this new artistic medium.

The first bilingual French-English program created by Groupe SOS - Culture and Diversion cinema focuses on artistic practices, exploration and new narratives.

“Marco & Polo Go Round” by Benjamin Steiger Levine “Everest” by Jonathan Griffith “The Principal Dancer” by Chloé Rochereuil “Wedding at Cana” by Joséphine Derobe, Carlos Franklin

Virtual reality for all

VROO is a VR case for 2 or 5 headsets. Eco-designed in Paris, VROO is an Easy-to-use 360 kit that makes showcasing 360° movies accessible to everyone. More than 30 VR experiences are already available to help build a program adapted to all types of audience.

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