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Introducing “Dômes électroniques” summer tour

This summer, our program Dômes électroniques is taking over three locations: Planetarium de Bretagne (France), Planetarium Bochum (Germany) and Shanghai International Film Festival 2023’s Vision Lab!

SAT Fest 2022 © La Société des Art et Technologies - Montréal

Dômes Électroniques is a full dome show for planetariums. It takes the audience on a 50-minute journey through monumental visual experiments performed with electronic music. The program includes 4 award-winning full dome titles: "-22.7°C The Full Dome Experience", "Introductory Econometrics", "Phosphene" and "The Material of Memories".

Dates & venues

Putuo Changfeng Cultural Exhibition Center (China)

📅 June 09 - 18

as part of SIFF Vision Lab

Planétarium de Bretagne (France)

📅 June 30 - July 19, 26 - August 02, 08

Planetarium Bochum (Allemagne)

📅 July 25, November 01

FUTURE VISION LAB 2022 © Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, photo by LIN Hsuan-Lang


Full dome experiences for collective immersion

Emerged in the early 1990’s, the term “Full dome” refers to semi-spherical projection, often seen in planetariums. As of today, the technology has evolved beyond its scientific educational purposes to allow for more narrative and aesthetic experiences.

Diversion cinema works hand-in-hand with international artists and planetariums to deliver these artistic experiences to the public.

Have a peak at our full dome lineup:

Swarm by Maarten Isaäk de Heer

Swarming is a behavioral phenomenon to survive, but more than often, it is a prelude for extinction. Fly with the flock as they travel from Germany, over the Alps, to the Mediterranean Sea..

The Inner Island by Sergey Prokofyev

The tiny colored world arose on the basis of a music piece “Souvenir de Porto Rico” by the composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk, written in 1857 during a tour in Puerto Rico.

VHW7 by Theo Triantafyllidis

Explore planetoid VHW7 and its ecosystems filled with strange phenomena like disorienting ionic bubbles, levitating ore deposits and phosphorescence anomalies...

International distribution contact:

Paul Bouchard

Acquisition & distribution

Agata di Tommaso

Festival manager


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