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Launch of 🌐 Galaxy Network : the first international virtual reality exhibition network

Galaxy Network VR Exhibition Fall 2021 is a virtual reality exhibition coordinated by the Galaxy Network, an international group of VR players, institutions, companies and associations. It is the first edition of an ambitious initiative for the distribution of VR experiences.

Offering the first event of its kind on a global scale, the Galaxy Network presents from October 26 a program of the best virtual reality works of the past years. The exhibition will be presented in eight cities in six different countries: Italy, Turkey, Spain, France, Germany and Russia with the support of Institut Français.

What are Galaxy Network’s missions?

The Galaxy Network is a group of organizations from diverse fields (companies, universities, exhibition venues, cultural institutions, event organizers...) that wish to present immersive experiences to their public. The purpose of the Galaxy Network is to create and coordinate several exhibitions of premium Virtual Reality experiences to be showcased simultaneously in the different locations of the Network.

What is the Galaxy Network VR Exhibition - Fall 2021?

An exhibition featuring internationally awarded virtual reality experiences, which takes place this fall for two weeks in eight cities around the world.

Where can we find Galaxy Network exhibitions?


📍 Barcelona / Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture From October 26 to November 8

📍 Mataro / MAC-LAVS from November 15 to 30 with Cultures and Perspectives (LAVS)


📍 Issy-Les-Moulineaux / Le Cube from October 28 to November 8 with Diversion cinema


📍 Milano / MEET Center from November 2 to 14

📍 Ferrara / Laboratorio Aperto di Ferrara from November 17 to 21


📍 Berlin / with INVR


📍 Moscow / From November 26 to December 12 with Less Media Group


📍 Istanbul / with VR Future at Müze Gazhane from November 17 to 21

What virtual reality experiences will be presented?

In order to show the different aspects of this new form of art, a wide range of experiences will be presented in the exhibition. Documentary as well as fiction, interactive experiences and 360° films, live action as well as animated works. Some of the pieces will be done while standing, others while sitting.

This rich program is divided in 3 categories :


🚲 The Line by Ricardo Laganaro Produced by Arvore - Brazil - 2019 - 15 min - PC-VR / Quest

👥 Vestige by Aaron Bradbury

Produced by Atlas V, NSC Creative - France, United-Kingdom - 2018 - 12 min - PC-VR - Quest

♟️ Gravity VR by Fabio Rychter & Amir Admoni

Produced by Delirium XR - Brazil, Perou - 2020 -15 min - PC-VR


🐍 Ayahuasca - Kosmik Journey by Jan Kounen

Produced by Atlas V, a_Bahn, Small - France, Luxembourg - 2019 - 18 min - PC-VR

🚌 African Space Makers by The Nrb Bus Collective Produced by The Nrb Bus Collective, Cultural Video, INVR.SPACE, BlackRhino VR - Kenya, Germany - 2020 - 50 min - PC-VR/Quest

🍄 Planet ∞ by Momoko Seto

Produced by ARTE France, Barberousse Films, Awkeye - France - 2017- 6 min - VR 360


👵 Home by Hsu Chih Yen

Produced by Kaohsiung Film Archive, Hsuˇ Chihˋ Yenˋ Director Studios, Funique VR Studio - Taiwan - 2019 - 18 min - VR 360

⛰️ Everest VR by Jon Griffith

Produced by Jonathan Griffith Productions, Alpine Exposures Ltd - USA - 2019 - 10 min - VR360

🛰️ Space Explorers - The ISS Experience Ep. 1 by Félix Lajeunesse & Paul Raphaël

Produced by Felix and Paul Studio & Time - Canada, USA - 2021 - 12 min - VR 360

Rebuilding Notre-Dame by Targo

Produced by TARGO, in association with Facebook's Oculus - France - 2020 - 10 min - VR 360

🎆 Conscious Existence by Marc Zimmermann

Produced by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH - Germany - 2018 - 12 min - VR 360

🦠 Lockdown 2020 by Omar Rashid

Produced by Gold Enterprise, RAI Cinema - Italy - 2020 - 20 min - VR 360

Who is behind the Galaxy Network?

The Galaxy Network is a group of actors from various fields (companies, universities, exhibition places, cultural institutions, event organizers...) who wish to present immersive experiences to their public.

The objective of the Galaxy Network is to create and coordinate several exhibitions of virtual reality experiences that will be presented simultaneously in the different places of the network.


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