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Nu:Reality brings VR to your cinema’s weekly program

Supported by Europa Cinemas and Cultuurloket DigitALL, Nu:Reality is an initiative of two distributors Cassette (Amsterdam) and Diversion cinema (Paris) to bring VR into the cinema’s weekly programs.

The first edition “Journeys beyond beliefs” was successfully launched in 3 cinemas LantarenVenster (Rotterdam), LUX (Nijmegen) and Schuur (Haarlem) last December.

© VR 360 cinema at LUX (Nijmegen), photo by Marcel Krijgsman.

Hosting VR at your cinema: a new business model

Experiencing VR requires quiet and dedicated spaces. Nu:Reality took the user experience to the next level by dedicating an entire cinema room to VR 360, thus allowing a better immersion as well as enhancing traditional cinematic experience.

"The audience in Nijmegen enjoys entering unknown worlds through the lens of VR. We still have full cinemas even after two months. During the experience, visitors look around them enthusiastically. And the majority of the visitors who step out of the virtual experience are very impressed. They re-enter everyday reality in a jubilant mood. They call it "special", "quite an experience" and share nothing else but "Wow!" sometimes. Even the few people who felt a bit nauseous getting in VR for the first time were happy to experience VR in cinema."

- Lux (Nijmegen)

Staff and mediation makes VR accessible. Nu:Reality provides training for each cinema to host meaningful and seamless VR sessions for their audience.

"With virtual reality we take our visitors to new worlds: the worlds they experience during the program and especially, the undiscovered world of cinematic VR which is finding its way to the cinemas. We are thrilled to be able to facilitate the project and look forward to the next VR program."

- Schuur (Haarlem)

Babette Wijntjes, co-founder of Nu:Reality shared the positive result of the first edition:

“We are overwhelmed by the success of Nu:Reality. The first program was completely sold out in the first weeks and we received very good feedback from both visitors and cinemas. There is clearly a high demand for a new form of visual storytelling and we hope to bring VR programs to many more audiences in the future."

Discover “Inner journey” starting March 23th.

The second program of Nu:Reality is already on its way, with more exciting stories to discover through the virtual reality lenses. Paul Bouchard, head of VR distribution at Diversion cinema and curator of Nu:Reality, reveal his thoughts:

“By shaping the VR programs of Nu:Reality, we wish to share with the public a concrete idea of how artists and storytellers are opening new narrative perspectives using virtual reality. We have selected for this second program a diversity of VR experiences that play with sensational immersive effects to explore human inner stories in different ways. It is an invitation to dive into someone else's mind, to switch perspectives and to experience the impossible.”

VR 360:

“Ferenj: A Graphic Memoir in Virtual Reality” by Ainslee Alem Robson

“Passenger” by Isobel Knowles & Van Sowerwine

“Conscious Existence” by Marc Zimmermann

VR Interactive:

“The Book of Distance” by Randall Okita

“Goliath: Playing with Reality” by Barry G. Murphy & May Abdalla

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