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A New Chapter for Diversion cinema as a Cooperative Company!

On January 1st, 2024, our immersive events agency became a Société Coopérative et Participative (Scop).

What is a Scop ?

A Société Coopérative et Participative (Scop), translated as a Cooperative and Shareholding Company, is a form of cooperative company where the shareholder majority is made up of employees who exercise power democratically.

As a rule, Scop employees hold at least 51% of the share capital and 65% of the voting rights. At Diversion cinema, in the hopes of creating a truly inclusive and democratic company, our employees hold 100% of both the share capital and the voting rights.

Each employee-partner has one vote, regardless of status, seniority, or capital investment. We place a strong emphasis on the transparency of company information, and strategic decisions are made collectively, representing the opinions of all of our employees.

From a Parisian Cellar to the International Red Carpet: Our Story

Our very first virtual reality (VR) screening took place in a sticky wine cellar in the heart of the Marais neighborhood in Paris with Camille Lopato, our founder, and her two partners.

With only eight VR headsets at her disposal, Camille dreamed of making VR experiences accessible to as many people as possible. As luck would have it, several of the programmers for the Cannes Film Festival were in attendance at that very first event, and invited us to organize VR screenings in Cannes.

Since that moment, we’ve welcomed over 200,000 viewers to our immersive installations and exhibitions for international festivals and museums, as well as tailor-made events for luxury brands.


Emotion at the Heart of Technology: Our Mission

After eight years in the industry, our goal remains the same: inspire emotion with technology. We believe that immersive experiences have a breathtaking power, both in terms of their visual and storytelling aspects, to evoke emotions in every audience.

Through our installations, we aim to offer these extraordinary VR experiences to viewers, by creating the best possible viewing conditions and providing peace of mind for our clients.

As a part of a dynamic network of digital artists and producers, we’re continuing to explore new artistic frontiers in various forms, from 360 and Interactive to Dome and Installation, all while working in close collaboration with the creators. 

Craftsmanship and Innovation: Our Approach

Nowadays, the Diversion cinema team features ten VR enthusiasts, each with their own unique background and skills combining art and technology. Together, we're determined to shape the future of immersive experiences and share our passion with an ever-growing audience.

As a newborn Scop, we’re committed to an approach that favors democracy, transparency, and collaboration. It's the start of a collective adventure where each employee actively contributes to the decision-making and evolution of the company.

Join us for tomorrow's immersive experience!


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