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Nu:Reality 2024: Expanding to Seven Cinemas in The Netherlands.

Nu:Reality is a Virtual Reality (VR) platform focusing on cinematographic VR. The platform brings together technology, communications and marketing, programming, education, research, and innovation in the field of VR.

Nu:Reality will bring VR experiences to a broader audience, supported by the Dutch Film Fund and Cultuurloket DigitALL.

Photo by: Marcel Krijgsman

First launched in December 2022 by the innovative publisher Cassette (The Netherlands) and Diversion cinema (France), Nu:Reality originally showcased two VR programs, Journey Beyond Belief and Inner Journey, which featured eleven award-winning immersive experiences, at three separate cinemas.

2024: What’s to be expected ?

Joining the ranks of the initial cinemas Schuur, LantarenVenster, and LUX are Filmhuis Den Haag, Eye Filmmuseum, Concordia, and Slachtstraat. All seven cinemas will open their doors to the public for a brand new series of VR programs starting March 14th.

The inaugural program Naturally Immersive (March 14 - May 15) invites viewers to explore the marvels of nature through six mesmerizing VR works. Through this program, spectators will have the opportunity to journey 350 billion years into the past with Sir David Attenborough, hear the echoes of the now-extinct ʻōʻō bird, witness Earth reclaimed by nature, and immerse themselves in vibrant Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations.

360 VR cinema:

David Attenborough’s First Life by Matt Baker Jones & Elliot Graves

Planet ∞ by Momoko Seto

Myriad 360 by Michael Grotenhoff, Christian Zipfel

Interactive VR:

Gondwana by Ben Joseph Andrews

Songbird by Lucy Greenwell

Floating with Spirits by Juanita Onzaga

Next up,the upcoming Nu:Reality program Final Frontier will push the boundaries of the universe starting in May, while Trailblazing Taiwan will showcase the best of VR from one of the most innovative countries from July to September. 

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Our Mission: Empowering Venues Through Immersive Experiences

Nu:Reality is a platform that provides not only VR equipment and technical and cultural knowledge to present VR works, but also audience development strategies, bespoke VR program curation, and tailored marketing campaigns, all aimed at nurturing the widespread exploration of VR.

Our aspirations extend beyond borders. We’re looking forward to bringing Nu:Reality to venues in Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany in 2025.

Learn more about our initiative and read the cinemas' feedback here:

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